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The Big Idea

We’re concerned that the digital footprints of the general population are too much of temptation for corporations, governments and politicians.

In recent years we have had a steady stream of crystal clear examples of the ways the large corporates, especially tech companies, have eroded our privacy and abused our trust, from Snowden to Cambridge Analytica, big tech has shown itself to be unwilling and in some cases unable to protect it’s users privacy.

As computer geeks ourselves, we have been able to ameliorate this by using our own services that are private and under our own control. We’re now trying to bring these services to anyone that would like them, for a small fee.

We won’t try to monitise your data or in any way, profile, analyse, capture or trace anything you do with our services. We’ll make money from your subscription and we’ll be delighted to provide a service that will, in some small way, protect our privacy, democracy and freedom.

Privacy and security is at the heart of everything we do. Our servers and services are extremely secure and our commitment to privacy is second to none.

Our services are not free, but we try to keep them as reasonable as we can. We are also crystal clear about our charges and our revenue stream. We can stay in business, because we charge you for our service.


Our Ethos

With over 60 years combined information security and administration experience, we are able to leverage our knowledge in industry to provide a cutting edge service at an affordable price.



All of our solutions are built on industry standard, open source software and services.

We aren’t re-inventing any wheels here, we are simply taking the most cost-effective, open source solutions that are currently available and making them available as a service. Everything we do at qixto, could be done by someone for their own personal use, that said, building and maintaining these systems takes time and requires a skill set that is out of reach for the average user. 

Our infrastructure is currently hosted by Amazon as this is the most cost effective platform for us to provide our service, however all our data is securely encrypted, both in transit and at rest. By using Amazon storage (encrypted) your data has a guaranteed durability 99.999999999%, that’s a lot of nines! What this means is that our underlying infrastructure is solid and reliable.

For our mail services, we used mailcow, which in turn utilises many other, best of breed, open source packages and services, including:

and many others.


Standing on the shoulders of giants

None of this would be possible without the open source community and all the geeks, freaks and hackers that have devoted a crazy amount of time to build a better world, through code, one line at a time. We actively support the open source community and will donate a significant portion of our profit back into the projects that have made our service possible.

We will also actively support those organisations that work tirelesly to promote and protect internet freedoms and privacy, including:

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Fight For The Future

Open Rights Group

and encourage you to register your support with them.

If all this sounds rather wishy washy, it’s because we have only just launched. If and when we have an active revenue stream we will publish a full list of donations and paid memberships.



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